Rastelli Quesadillas

This yummy quesadilla recipe is great for a quick snack or easy dinner in under 20 minutes.


Rastelli Butcher Shop Burgers
Shredded Cheese (We recommend a cheddar and pepper jack Blend
Red and Green Peppers
Green Onion
Sour Cream
Oil or Cooking Spray


1. Thaw Craft Burgers in refrigerator overnight.
2. The following day, remove Craft Burgers from refrigerator and add into a large mixing bowl. Using hands, carefully break down the burgers to form a ground beef. Season to your liking and cook on pan. Remove from heat when fully cooked and browned.
3. Dice peppers on a cutting board and chop up green onion.
4. Lay your tortilla flat. For a folded quesadilla add your cheese, ground beef, peppers, onion on one side of your tortilla. OR place tortilla down add all of your desired topping and place another tortilla on top.
5. Heat up oil or cooking spray to non-stick pan on a medium to high heat.
6. Add your quesadilla to the pan and cooking until golden brown or cheese is melted. Don’t forget to flip! (Be careful, they cook fast!)
7. Top with sour cream, chopped green onion, & enjoy!